Top 5 Winter Festivals Around The World

Christmas is the time for celebration. The holiday season gets people in the mood to celebrate the joyous occasion with friends and families. In some places, the ancient traditions are still kept alive during this time of the year. Here are some exciting events that take place around the world.

Stonehenge winter solstice, Wiltshire

This event takes place on December 22, which is the shortest day and longest night of the year. The celebration takes place in many places throughout the UK, but Stonehenge stays the focal point. People from everywhere gather at the field of Wiltshire to see the sunrise. The druid and pagan communities dress up in unique costumes and sing.

Burning the Clocks, Brighton

This event started in Brighton in 1994 and since then has taken place on the beach every year. People come here to see the parade of luminous willow lanterns. They witness a magnificent fire show and firework displays. The seafront looks spectacular.

Ba Kirkwall game, Orkney

It is a medieval football match that takes place in Kirkwall, the capital of the Orkneys. Two teams, ‘Uppies’ and ‘Doonies’, a battle to take control of the leather ‘ba’. They wrestle it to various parts of the town that are considered to be goals. It’s a highly competitive game, and the entire town unites to watch it.

Grantchester barrel rolling, Cambridgeshire

This is part of the British Boxing day tradition. It is a barrel-rolling race that people enjoy. Four local teams take part in it, and they roll huge wooden barrels up and down the street. The locals support their favourite team. They enjoy the amazing atmosphere.

Stonehaven Fireballs, Aberdeenshire

This event has been taking place for the past 150 years despite the weather condition. It starts at midnight on 31st December in Aberdeenshire. The roads are filled with fire dancers called ‘swingers’, and they are followed by Stonehaven Pipe Band and drummers. The spectators also enjoy a firework display in the harbour.

These winter festivals are unique and keep people in the mood for the Christmas celebration. If you are in the UK during this time of the year, then you should witness some of these events.

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